(7)   Exception to Use Tables for certain Historic Structures. 510
Notwithstanding any other provision of this § 14-602 (Use Tables), historic structures that meet the applicability requirements of subsection (a) shall be entitled to the use table exceptions of subsection (b), subject to the limitations of subsection (c).
(a)   Applicability.
A historic structure shall be subject to use table exceptions in subsection (b) only if the following criteria are met:
(.1)   The structure, pursuant to Chapter 14-1000, has been designated as historic; or is located in a district that has been designated as historic and contributes, in the Historical Commission's opinion, to the character of such district.
(.2)   The structure must be located within a Residential district or a CMX-1, CMX-2, or CMX-2.5 district.
(.3)   The Historical Commission confirms to L&I that the historic structure has a documented current or former principal use that could be categorized under one of the following use categories and that a minimum gross floor area of 2,500 sq. ft. is currently or was formerly used for such use:
(.a)   Public, Civic, and Institutional Use Category;
(.b)   Office Use Category;
(.c)   Retail Sales Use Category;
(.d)   Commercial Service Use Category;
(.e)   Wholesale, Distribution, and Storage Use Category; or
(.f)   Industrial Use Category.
(b)   Exceptions.
At the discretion of the applicant, the use regulations of Table 14-602-2 for the CMX-3 district may apply to a principal use in a historic building or structure that meets the applicability requirements of subsection (a).
(c)   Limitations.
(.1)   An exception under subsection (b) shall only apply to structures on the lot that meet the requirements of subsection (a). All other existing structures, new structures, and any expansion or extension of a designated historic structure shall not be eligible for the exception under subsection (b).
(.2)   Regulated uses listed in § 14-603(13) (Regulated Uses) shall not be eligible for an exception under subsection (b).
(.3)   Uses in the vehicle and vehicular equipment sales and services use category shall not be eligible for an exception under subsection (b).
(.4)   An exception under subsection (b) shall only apply to the principal use and shall not apply to the regulations of § 14-603 (Use-Specific Standards) and § 14-604 (Accessory Uses and Structures).
(.5)   An exception under subsection (b) shall not modify the dimensional standards of this Zoning Code, and shall not apply to the eligibility to earn any additional floor area or building height on a lot.
(.6)   Notwithstanding any exception under subsection (b), for any structure located within a Residential Single-Family Detached (RSD) zoning district, the minimum lot area required per dwelling unit is fifty percent (50%) of the minimum lot area for that zoning district, provided that, whenever the calculation of permitted number of dwelling units results in a fraction of a dwelling unit, then the number of permitted dwelling units shall be rounded down to the nearest whole number. 511



   Added, Bill No. 190613-A (approved November 12, 2019), effective January 1, 2020; former subsection (7) deleted and former subsection (8) renumbered, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).
   Added, Bill No. 210446 (approved July 1, 2021).