(3)   Use Regulations.
Principal uses are allowed within the /IMA, Industrial and Manufacturing Area Overlay district in accordance with the use regulations of the underlying zoning district, except as provided in this subsection.
(a)   The following uses shall be prohibited:
(.1)   Detention and Correctional Facilities;
(.2)   Re-Entry Facilities;
(.3)   Group or Solo Medical, Dental, and Health Practitioner;
(.4)   Adult-Oriented Merchandise;
(.5)   Drug Paraphernalia Stores;
(.6)   Gun Shop;
(.7)   Animal Services;
(.8)   Amusement Arcade;
(.9)   Pool or Billiards Room;
(.10)   Financial Services;
(.11)   Body Art Service;
(.12)   Personal Vehicle Sales and Rental;
(.13)   Junk and Salvage Yards and Buildings; and
(.14)   Moving and Storage Facilities.
(b)   The following uses shall require special exception approval in accordance with § 14-303(7) (Special Exception Approval).
(.1)   Business and Professional;
(.2)   Non-Accessory Parking;
(.3)   Personal Vehicle Repair and Maintenance;
(.4)   Vehicle Fueling Stations;
(.5)   Vehicle Paint Finishing Shops;
(.6)   General Industrial within the I-1 zoning district;
(.7)   Equipment and Materials Storage Yards and Buildings; and
(.8)   Commercial Vehicle Sales and Rentals.