(9)   Removal or abandonment of a UED.
(a)   A UED that is not in operation for a period of more than 180 days shall be considered abandoned and shall be removed by the owner or operator at the owner or operator's expense.
(b)   Prior to issuance of a building permit, the owner or operator shall agree to indemnify the City and to post a bond, in amounts satisfactory to the Department and in form satisfactory to the Law Department, to cover the cost of removal in the event the owner or operator fails to comply with subsection (a), above, or in the event the UED becomes unsafe, a public nuisance or otherwise not in compliance with this Code, or to cover any other costs the City may incur as a result of the installation or maintenance of the UED.
(c)   Nothing in this subsection (9) is intended to limit any enforcement authority of the Department against either the owner or operator of the UED or the owner of the premises on which the UED is situated.