(7)   Earth Moving Plans.
(a)   No earth moving activity will be permitted within the watershed unless done in accordance with approved earth moving plans. These plans must be prepared by a licensed professional engineer in accordance with regulations approved by the Commission and must set forth the measures by which erosion and sedimentation are controlled. Such plans must be filed with and approved by the Commission except as follows: 420
(.1)   Where the site is designated as being within Category 5 on the Impervious Coverage Map; or
(.2)   Where the earth moving or additional impervious coverage will be less than 500 sq. ft.
(b)   A professionally-sealed earth moving plan must be maintained on site for the duration of earth moving and construction and must be available for inspection as deemed necessary by the Commission.
(c)   Where the Commission finds earth moving plans are not in accordance with its regulations, it may require the filing and approval of revised plans.



   Amended, Bill No. 130764 (approved December 18, 2013).