(5)   Setbacks from Watercourses. 418
(a)   There shall be no new impervious ground cover constructed or erected within 200 ft. of the bank of a stream or within 50 ft. of the center line of a swale within the /WWO overlay district. Streams and Swales that have been buried in sewer or in embedded culverts, shall be excluded.
(b)   For the purposes of this section, § 14-510 /WWO, Wissahickon Watershed Overlay District, the following terms are defined:
(.1)   Culvert.
A tunnel, typically embedded so as to be surrounded by soil, carrying a stream or open drain under a road or railroad.
(.2)   Sewer.
An underground conduit for carrying drainage water and waste material.



   Amended, Bill No. 180346-A (approved July 18, 2018); amended, Bill No. 200577 (approved January 20, 2021).