(7)   Off-Street Parking.
(a)   For lots fronting on Delaware Avenue, Christopher Columbus Boulevard, or a river access street, as set forth in subsection (3): 407
(.1)   No more than one curb cut shall be permitted along any street frontage provided, that
(.2)   Where a river access street has been extended to intersect with the Delaware River, such extended river access street shall not be considered a curb cut for the purposes of this § 14-507(7);
(.3)   Off-street surface parking shall not be located between a street and the closest principal structure to that street. 408
(b)   Non-accessory and accessory aboveground structured parking shall be permitted by right, provided that an architectural or landscaped screening device is applied to each facade that faces a public street, park, or trail and is approved by the Commission for appropriateness with the surrounding neighborhood character. 408.1
(c)   Required accessory parking in an aboveground structure that meets the requirements of subsection (b) above, shall be excluded from the calculation of gross floor area; any parking provided in addition to the required accessory parking shall count towards the calculation of gross floor area. 408.2



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