(2)   Subarea B. 396
(a)   District Boundaries. 397
The Subarea B /NCP district regulations apply to all RM-1 lots within the area bounded by 20th Street, Sedgley Avenue, Margie Street, Glenwood Avenue, 20th Street,  Cumberland  Street,  20th  Street,  Master  Street,  Ridge  Avenue,  College Avenue, 20th Street, Girard Avenue, 9th  Street, and Lehigh Avenue, as shown on the following map for illustrative purposes only.
/NCP, Subarea B (Applies to RM-1 lots only)
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(b)   Permitted Number of Dwelling Units.
A minimum 425 sq. ft. of lot area is required per dwelling unit. Whenever the calculation of permitted number of dwelling units results in a fraction of a dwelling unit, then the number of permitted dwelling units shall be rounded down to the nearest whole number.
(c)   Required Parking.
Parking shall not be required for the first three dwelling units, and thereafter, shall be required at a ratio of three parking spaces for every ten dwelling units.
(d)   Temporary Real Estate Sign Regulations. 398
(.1)   All signs located on a property advertising the availability of rental units shall be removed within seven (7) days following the rental, lease, or occupancy of the last available unit in the property.
(.2)   No such sign shall be artificially illuminated.
(.3)   The erection of such signs on properties upon which there are no vacancies is prohibited.
(.4)   No such sign shall exceed a maximum gross area of 25 sq. ft.



   Added, Bill No. 120656-AA (approved February 6, 2013); former subsection (2) deleted and former subsection (3) renumbered, Bill No. 210469 (approved July 15, 2021).
   Amended, Bill No. 210469 (approved July 15, 2021).
   Added, Bill No. 130655 (approved December 4, 2013).