(6)   Overbrook Farms.
(a)   Purpose.
The Overbrook Farms /NCO district is established in order to preserve and protect the area of the city within its boundaries. It is recognized that this section of the city, located primarily within the Overbrook Farms National Historic District, is a unique, mixed-use, neighborhood-oriented retail district containing residential uses and retail uses interspersed at street level with residential uses on upper floors. There is a need to establish special sign and building controls to protect the unique character of the district, foster the preservation of buildings in accordance with its special character, and encourage new development that is compatible with this character.
(b)   Applicability.
The requirements of this Overbrook Farms /NCO district apply to all lots within the boundaries shown on the following map.
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(c)   Zoning Regulations. 382.3
(.1)   Use.
(.a)   On RSA-3-zoned lots fronting on 63rd Street, office and financial services uses, except for personal credit establishments, are permitted in addition to uses allowed by the underlying zoning.
(.b)   No multi-family use is permitted in any single family zoning classification.
(d)   Design Standards. 383
The Overbrook Farms design standards of this subsection apply to all properties within Overbrook Farms /NCO district except for those properties with frontage on City Avenue between Drexel Road and Overbrook Avenue.
(.1)   Building Standards.
(.a)   Original materials, including storefronts, windows, walls, cornices, bays, and roofs of buildings, shall be repaired or replaced with materials or details similar to the original materials.
(.b)   The design of new buildings shall be consistent with the character defining features of the Overbrook Farms National Historic District, in terms of massing, vertical and horizontal articulation, proportion of window openings to wall area, and building materials.



   Amended, Bill No. 210361 (approved July 15, 2021).
   Subsection (6)(d)(.2) deleted, Bill No. 120430-A (approved January 14, 2013).