(8)   North Delaware Avenue.
(a)   Applicability. 375
The requirements of this North Delaware Avenue /NCA Overlay district apply to commercially zoned properties within the area bounded by Spring Garden Street, the Delaware River, Lehigh Avenue, Frankford Avenue, Girard Avenue, and 5th Street, as shown on the following North Delaware Avenue map for illustrative purposes only.
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(b)   Use Regulations.
(.1)   Assembly and entertainment uses and the expansion or extension of assembly and entertainment uses shall be prohibited.
(.2)   Eating and drinking establishments shall be permitted by special exception, except within the area bounded by Spring Garden Street, Front Street, the Delaware Expressway (I-95), Lehigh Avenue, and the Delaware River, where the underlying zoning shall control. 376



   Amended, Bill No. 130636 (approved January 8, 2014); amended, Bill No. 150264 (approved June 16, 2015); amended, Bill No. 170469 (approved July 11, 2017).
   Amended, Bill No. 160335 (approved June 28, 2016).