(7)   Lower and Central Germantown.
(a)   Applicability.
The requirements of this Lower and Central Germantown /NCA Overlay district apply to the area bounded by Old Stenton Avenue, Logan Street, Belfield Avenue, Baynton Street, Walnut Lane, Wayne Avenue, Rittenhouse Street, Morris Street, and Berkley Street, as shown on the following Lower and Central Germantown map for illustrative purposes only.
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(b)   Prohibited Uses.
(.1)   The following uses shall be prohibited in Commercial districts:
(.a)   Barber and/or beauty shops;
(.b)   Manicure/nail salons;
(.c)   Retail sales of beauty products and/or wigs;
(.d)   Retail sales of telecommunications equipment as a principal use, including, but not limited to, retail sales of cellular phones and pagers;
(.e)   Retail sales of variety/general store merchandise in a store less than 7,500 sq. ft. in size; and
(.f)   Furniture stores.
(.2)   The following uses shall be prohibited as a principal use in any Residential district and as an accessory home occupation in any zoning district: 374
(.a)   Barber and/or beauty shops;
(.b)   Manicure/nail salons.



   Amended, Bill No. 120774-A (approved January 14, 2013).