(6)   Ridge Avenue. 364
(a)   Applicability. 365
The requirements of this Ridge Avenue /NCA district apply to lots with frontage on Ridge Avenue within CMX-2, CMX-2.5, or CMX-3 zoning districts situated within the area bounded by Hermitage Street, Pechin Street, Fountain Street, Pechin Street, Paoli Avenue, Ridge Avenue, Livezey Street, Valley Avenue, Henry Avenue, Fountain Street (Extended), Hazelwood Street, Acorn Street, Lawnton Street, Green Lane, Jannette Street, Monastery Avenue, Houghton Street (extended), Barnes Street, Quentin Street, Salaignac Street, Righter Street, Osborn Street, Manayunk Avenue, Sumac Street (extended), Cresson Street (extended), Vassar Street, Terrace Street, Dawson Street, Manayunk Avenue, Salaignac Street, Pechin Street, Hermit Street, and Mitchell Street, as shown on the following map for illustrative purposes only.
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(b)   Limitations on Floor Area Used For Commercial Purposes.
The maximum amount of net leasable area used for commercial purposes in buildings erected after February 9, 2011 shall not exceed 8,000 sq. ft.
(c)   Facade Controls.
L&I shall not issue a building permit until the Commission has reviewed plans of the facade and has determined that the proposed facade is in compliance with all of the following:
(.1)   At least sixty-five percent (65%) of ground floor building facades of commercial storefronts shall be clear glass. Reflective, frosted, or tinted glass does not count towards this percentage; 366
(.2)   The sill height of first floor commercial storefront windows on Ridge Avenue shall be no more than two ft. six in. above the ground floor level; 367
(.3)   Public entrance doors of commercial storefronts shall be at least fifty percent (50%) glazed or transparent when fronting on a public right-of-way. In the case of corner lots, this applies to any side fronting a public right-of-way; 368
(.4)   Outdoor lighting shall not include flood lighting, high-pressure sodium lamps, or flashing lights;
(.5)   Awnings shall not project more than 4 ft. into the public right-of-way, provided that nothing in this section shall relieve a property owner from the requirement of an encroachment ordinance; and
(.6)   Mechanical systems shall be set back at least 10 ft. from the street line.
(d)   Signs.
(.1)   In addition to the requirements of Chapter 14-900 (Signs), the following signs shall be prohibited: 368.1
(.a)   Internally illuminated signs and awnings.
(.b)   Animated illumination signs.
(.c)   Digital display.
(.d)   Freestanding signs.
(.e)   Non-accessory signs.
(.2)   The maximum area of signs shall be either 40 sq. ft. total per building frontage or the maximum area allowed in Table 14-904-1 (Accessory Sign Controls for Specific Zoning Districts), whichever is more restrictive.
(.3)   Where permitted, only one window sign can be placed in each window located above the first floor.
(.4)   The total area of window signs on doors shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total transparent glazed area of all glass doors.
(e)   Height.
Buildings in the CMX-2.5 or CMX-3 district may not exceed 45 ft. in height.
(f)   Use Regulations.
(.1)   Prohibited Uses.
In addition to uses prohibited under base zoning, the following uses shall also be prohibited:
(.a)   Freestanding tower wireless service facilities.
(.b)   Moving and storage facilities.
(.c)   Personal care homes.
(.d)   Non-accessory parking.
(.e)   Drive-throughs.
(.2)   Special Exceptions.
In addition to uses requiring a special exception under base zoning, the following uses shall also require a special exception:
(.a)   Business and professional offices.
(.b)   Business support.
(.c)   Group child care. 369
(.d)   Research and development.
(.e)   Medical, dental, and health practitioner offices.
(.f)   Take-out restaurants.
(.3)   For buildings in the CMX-3 district, at least seventy-five percent (75%) of ground floor frontage along Ridge Avenue must be occupied by a commercial use. 370
(g)   Parking.
(.1)   Accessory parking shall be provided in a surface lot, not a garage.
(.2)   All required parking shall be located either: 371
(.a)   On-site; or
(.b)   On another lot, provided that the applicant has entered into a signed agreement with that lot's owner and provided:
(i)   That lot shares at least one property line with the lot where the principal use is located, or
(ii)   That lot is within 1,000 ft. of the lot where the principal use is located.
(.3)   Parking for residential units in the CMX-2.5 district shall meet the following standards, notwithstanding any other parking requirements set forth in this Zoning Code. 372
Table 14-503-6: Required Parking
Minimum Required Parking Spaces
(spaces per unit)
Residential Use Category (as noted below)
Household Living (as noted below)
5 units or less
Greater than 5 units
(.4)   Off-street surface parking and loading shall not be located between the building line and street line along Ridge Avenue. 373



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