(6)   Signs. 274
(a)   Accessory and non-accessory signs must be in compliance with applicable regulations issued by the Director of Commerce, which regulations shall ensure that all signs are compatible with the safety of airport users and are compatible in terms of size, density, location, and aesthetics with the surrounding area.
(b)   Non-accessory signs must be in compliance with § 14-905 (Non-Accessory Signs).
(c)   Freestanding, wall, and marquee signs shall be permitted. Signs shall not extend above the roof or wall coping.
(d)   Static illumination shall be permitted.
(e)   Animated illumination shall be prohibited, unless approved by the Chief Executive Officer of Philadelphia International Airport for navigational purposes. 275
(f)   Mechanical movement signs require special exception approval in accordance with § 14-303(7) (Special Exception Approval).



   Amended, Bill No. 120430-A (approved January 14, 2013).
   Amended, Bill No. 150264 (approved June 16, 2015).