(3)   Area Regulations.
(a)   District Area and Boundaries.
Boundaries shall be so designated to afford a reasonable line of division between the district and adjacent uses consistent to carry out the purposes of this Zoning Code.
(b)   Gross Floor Area.
The gross floor area of all buildings shall not exceed five hundred percent (500%) of the total area of the lot.
(c)   Occupied Area.
Not more than seventy percent (70%) of the lot area may be occupied by buildings.
(d)   Setbacks.
(.1)   Front.
No front setback is required.
(.2)   Side Setbacks.
No side setbacks are required. When side yards are provided, they must have the following minimum widths:
(.a)   Buildings up to four stories in height: six ft.
(.b)   Buildings over four stories in height: eight ft.
(.3)   Rear.
No rear setback is required.