(2)   Use Regulations.
(a)   Principal uses are allowed in SP-STA districts in accordance with Table 14-602-4.
(b)   The following accessory uses are permitted in SP-STA districts, except that regulated uses, as set forth in § 14-603(13) (Regulated Uses), shall be prohibited:
(.1)   Grandstands, clubhouses, fieldhouses, stables;
(.2)   Accessory parking;
(.3)   Training areas;
(.4)   Child care; 268
(.5)   Offices;
(.6)   Retail sales of consumer goods; sundries, pharmaceuticals, and convenience sales; and wearing apparel and accessories;
(.7)   Sit-down restaurants and prepared food shops;
(.8)   Financial services;
(.9)   Personal services;
(.10)   Visitor accommodations; and
(.11)   Adult care. 269
(c)   Multiple principal uses and principal structures are allowed on a single lot in the SP-STA district.



   Amended, Bill No. 190253 (approved July 24, 2019).
   Added, Bill No. 190253 (approved July 24, 2019).