(5)   Off-Street Parking.
Plans for all off-street parking areas must comply with the provisions of this section and with any prerequisite approvals of this Zoning Code. Within any SP-ENT district, off-street parking spaces must be provided for the following uses as listed below:
(a)   Licensed Gaming Facilities.
(.1)   Four parking spaces for every five slot machine or gaming positions provided for patrons and guests.
(.2)   Some or all of the parking required by this subsection may be provided on immediately adjacent lots, regardless of the lot's underlying zoning.
(.3)   During any period of time when any parking spaces required by this section are rendered unavailable because of ongoing construction of a parking garage to meet the requirements of § 14-405(6)(a)(.1) below, replacement parking spaces may be provided within one mile of the boundary of the SP-ENT district in which the gaming facility is located, regardless of the lot's underlying zoning, but only on a lot or lots immediately adjacent to and accessible from Delaware Avenue.
(b)   Hotels.
One parking space for every two units.