(3)   Exceptions.
Notwithstanding the provisions of § 14-305(2) (Types of Nonconformities), the following situations are not nonconformities. Properties in these categories are considered to comply with the Zoning Code.
(a)   If this Zoning Code is or has been amended to increase minimum off-street parking requirements, or to lower the maximum amount of off-street parking that can be provided, no use in existence prior to those amendments shall be considered a nonconforming use simply because it no longer complies with the revised minimum or maximum parking requirements.
(b)   A nonconformity that would not be permitted by this Zoning Code but that has been authorized through a variance or other action of the Zoning Board, or that has been authorized by court order, is not a nonconformity, so long as it complies with the terms of that authorization. This exception applies only to the portion of the property that was expressly approved by Zoning Board action or court order. If, for example, the Zoning Board granted a use variance on a lot that does not comply with applicable lot size requirements, the lot retains its nonconforming status despite the granting of the use variance.