(6)   Lot Adjustments.
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(a)   Applicability.
The procedures of this section apply to all lot adjustments.
(b)   Procedure.
(.1)   L&I shall not issue any zoning permits for a lot adjustment unless the lot adjustment, as shown on a plot plan, has been first reviewed and approved by the Commission.
(.2)   No activity described in § 14-304(6)(a) above shall occur, and no street, driveway, sanitary sewer, stormwater sewer, water main, public service, or other facilities in connection with the lot adjustment shall be constructed, maintained, opened, or dedicated for public use or for the common use of occupants of buildings abutting on them, and no record of lot shall be created, until a plot plan has been approved and compliance with the procedures of this § 14-304(6) has been established.
(.3)   The procedure for review and decision on a lot adjustment is:
(.a)   The Commission shall review and approve, approve with conditions, or deny the plot plan using the criteria in § 14-304(6)(c) below. The Commission shall review and approve, approve with conditions, or deny the plot plan within 45 days of application submission or the plot plan shall be deemed approved.
(.b)   If it disapproves the plot plan, the Commission shall notify the applicant in writing of its action and the reasons for the decision within seven days after the decision.
(.c)   The applicant must record deeds and the approved survey plan with the Department of Records. The deed or deeds must include the legal description of, and the proposed street address and tax account number assigned by the Office of Property Assessment for, each lot on the approved survey plan. 231
(c)   Criteria for Approval.
The Commission shall approve a lot adjustment if it finds that:
(.1)   It is not a subdivision subject to § 14-304(7) (Subdivisions and Subdivision Plats); and
(.2)   It complies with the lot dimension and street frontage requirements of this Zoning Code.



   Amended, Bill No. 150645 (approved November 10, 2015).