(14)   Public Plaza or Open Space.
Public plaza and open spaces are defined in § 14-203 (Definitions) and are measured as follows for purposes of calculating ground level open spaces eligible for bonus floor area:
(a)   Areas at Ground Level.
All areas at the average grade of the street, or no more than three ft. above or below the average grade of the street. When a lot is above or abuts a public transit concourse or station, "at ground level" shall include all areas that are at the station or concourse level and that are connected to the sidewalk by stairs or ramps adequate for convenient public access.
(b)   Measurement Includes.
Public plazas and open space areas include:
(.1)   Portions of the open spaces occupied by benches, planting boxes, public art, and other ornamental devices and structures that conform to all other sections of this Zoning Code relating to access to public space.
(.2)   In Commercial districts, any areas occupied by devices for the display and sale of goods or merchandise that are accessory to the public space of a building and complies with other regulations set forth in this Zoning Code.
(.3)   All areas for all means of pedestrian and handicapped access to public spaces or open spaces.
(.4)   All areas for seating, landscape, and fine arts provided in order to qualify for additional gross floor area.
(c)   Measurement Excludes.
In Residential districts, public plazas and open space areas exclude: any areas occupied by devices or structures used for the advertising or display of goods or merchandise, or portions of ground level upon which a commercial use is conducted.