(12.1)   Off-Street Parking. 22.2
Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following rules of measurement apply when calculating off-street parking requirements:
(a)   No minimum number of sq. ft., units, beds, seats, or other criterion must be met for the required parking standard to be applied.
(b)   Whenever the calculation of required off-street parking spaces results in a fraction of a parking space, and the fraction is equal to or greater than one-half, the number of required spaces shall be rounded up to the next whole number. If the calculation results in a fraction less than one-half, the fractional portion of the requirement or maximum shall be ignored.
(c)   The following types of parking spaces shall count towards the satisfaction of minimum off-street parking requirements:
(.1)   Accessible parking;
(.2)   Vanpool and carpool parking;
(.3)   Auto-share parking space;
(.4)   Underground parking, and parking within, above, or beneath the building(s) it serves; and
(.5)   Accessory parking spaces required for residential uses within mixed-use developments.
(d)   Parking required for extensions or additions for nonresidential uses in Residential districts and for all uses in Industrial districts shall be computed for the floor area of the extended or added portion only.



   Added, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021). Enrolled bill numbered this as 13.1; renumbered by Code editor.