(4)   Gross Floor Area.
The sum of the gross horizontal areas of all the floors of a building, measured from the exterior faces of the exterior walls or center lines of walls separating two buildings.
(a)   Measurement Includes. 12
(.1)   Porches. 13
(.2)   Elevator shafts and stairwells on each floor.
(.3)   Attic space, whether finished or unfinished, not dedicated to elevators or mechanical equipment.
(.4)   Interior balconies.
(.5)   Mezzanines.
(.6)   Basements.
(.7)   Penthouse space not used exclusively for elevators or mechanical equipment.
(.8)   Mechanical equipment areas with a structural headroom of seven and one-half ft. or more.
(.9)   All levels of an accessory or principal use parking garage located at or above the average ground level.
(.10)   Roof deck access structures. 13.1
(b)   Measurement Excludes. 14
(.1)   Terraces, overhangs, and uncovered steps.
(.2)   Cellars.
(.3)   Enclosed public space.
(.4)   Attic space, basement bulkheads, and penthouse space used exclusively for elevators or mechanical equipment, and other mechanical equipment areas with a structural headroom of less than seven and one-half ft. See also § 14-701(6) (Exceptions to Dimensional Standards).
(.5)   Accessory off-street surface parking areas or loading spaces.
(.6)   Underground accessory parking and related structures such as stairs, lobbies, and mechanical spaces.
(.7)   In all Residential and SP-INS districts (See also § 14-701(6) (Exceptions to Dimensional Standards)):
(.a)   Monuments, belfries, cupolas, minarets, pinnacles, gables, spires, or ornamental towers, not for human occupancy.
(.b)   Towers of mechanical or structural necessity, except where the area of those towers exceed twenty percent (20%) of the ground floor level of the building of which they are a part, in which case they will be considered a part of the "gross floor area" of the building in the same manner as any other part.
(.8)   Office, retail sales, commercial service, or public, civic, or institutional space located along the perimeter of a parking garage structure pursuant to § 14-502(6)(c)(.2) (Residential Parking Control Area) or § 14-803(4)(b)(.3) (Ground Floor Use). 15
(.9)   In the SP-INS district:
(.a)   Any floor area in any building that is below ground level and that is used for nonresidential purposes.
(.b)   Any floor area in any building, above or below ground level, used exclusively for off-street parking of automobiles.
(.10)   In the RMX-3, CMX-4, and CMX-5 districts, floor area used for retail sales, eating and drinking establishments, financial services (except for personal credit establishments), or personal services (except for body art service and fortune telling service), provided that the floor area exclusion shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total gross floor area of the building, calculated without taking account of this exclusion. 16
(.a)   The Personal Services use must be open to all members of the public and not restricted to residents of the development. This shall not prohibit the owner or operator from billing users of the facility.
(.b)   The Personal Services use must be operated by a 3rd party vendor that is not owned by or affiliated with the owner or manager of the property where the use is located.
(.11)   Exterior balconies.
(.12)   Roof decks (notwithstanding any roof deck access structures). 16.1



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