§ 12-2709.  Use of Resident Parking Permits and Temporary Parking Permits.
   (1)   All resident parking permits and temporary parking permits shall be displayed in or on vehicles in the manner prescribed by this Chapter and the Philadelphia Parking Authority. 306
   (2)   A parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve a space within a permit parking district. A parking permit shall not authorize the stopping, standing, or parking of any vehicle in such places and during such times as the stopping, standing, or parking is prohibited or set aside for specific types of vehicles. A parking permit shall not excuse the observance of any traffic regulation other than maximum parking time limits of one (1) hour or more and the necessity for depositing fees in parking meters and then only on blocks which have been posted pursuant to Section 12-2704 of this Chapter. 307
   (3)   Whenever the holder of a parking permit, or the vehicle for which the permit was issued no longer fulfills one or more of the applicable provisions of this Ordinance, the holder shall surrender the parking permit in the manner prescribed by the Parking Authority. 308
   (4)   Until its expiration, surrender, or revocation, a parking permit shall remain valid for such time as the holder continues to reside within the same permit parking district.
   (5)   A parking permit shall be valid only in the permit parking district for which it is issued except in the case of overlapping districts as set forth in subsection (3) of Section 12-2703 of this Chapter.
   (6)   For the purposes of this Chapter the person to whom a parking permit is issued shall be deemed its holder and shall be responsible for the use or misuse of any parking permit issued to him or her.
   (7)   No vehicle shall display any ticket, tag, handbill, or other writing simulating or in imitation of a residential parking permit or temporary parking permit. 309



   Amended, Bill No. 190463 (approved June 26, 2019).
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   Amended, Bill No. 190463 (approved June 26, 2019).
   Added, Bill No. 100285 (approved June 23, 2010), effective July 23, 2010.