§ 12-1207.  Hazardous Intersections. 174
   (1)   Definitions. As used in this Section, the following terms shall have the meaning specified:
      (a)   Intersection. The intersection of two streets, and the area within 200 feet of the intersection.
      (b)   Hazardous intersection. An intersection where two streets on the High Injury Network, as designated by Vision Zero, cross.
   (2)   Upon request by a District Councilmember concerning a collision involving serious bodily injury or death that occurred at a hazardous intersection located in the Councilmember's district, the Department, after consultation with the Police Department and any other agency designated by the Mayor, shall transmit to the District Councilmember, no later than 60 days of the District Councilmember's request, a report setting out:
      (a)   The cause of the collision at the hazardous intersection (if known).
      (b)   The nature of the injuries or damages resulting from the collision (if known).
      (c)   A list of other collisions that have occurred at the hazardous intersection within that calendar year.
      (d)   The speed limit in the vicinity of the hazardous intersection.
      (e)   Whether the cause of the collision was related to the unlawful passing of a trolley or the failure to yield to an emergency response vehicle at that hazardous intersection.
      (f)   A description of all traffic control devices, including any traffic calming or speed control devices, in the vicinity of the collision.
      (g)   A proposed plan of corrective action to reduce the number of collisions in the vicinity of the hazardous intersection. Such plan shall include, as appropriate, recommendations for installation of four-way stop signs, traffic lights, speed limits signage, or traffic calming devices, or for reduction in speed limits, or such other measures as the Department deems appropriate.
   (3)   Within two months of receipt of a report from the Department pursuant to subsection (2), above, Council shall adopt such ordinances as shall be necessary to reduce the number of collisions in the vicinity of any hazardous intersection.



   Added, Bill No. 170244 (approved June 6, 2018).