§ 12-1130.  Vehicle Seizures. 157
   (1)   Any police officer who discovers a vehicle upon any street of the City which is not registered as required under 75 Pa. C.S. § 1301, or which does not display a registration plate as required by 75 Pa. C.S. § 1332, or whose driver is not licensed as required by 75 Pa. C.S. § 1501 or which is not covered by financial responsibility as required by 75 Pa. C.S. § 1786, may seize or otherwise immobilize the vehicle to render it inoperable.
   (2)   Except as otherwise set forth in this Section, the procedures set forth in Chapter 12-2400 shall apply to the seizure or immobilization of a vehicle pursuant to this Section.
   (3)   When an impounded vehicle is returned to its owner, or any person on behalf of the owner, such person shall sign a receipt for the vehicle after furnishing satisfactory evidence of the person's identity, ownership of the vehicle (or agency on behalf of the owner), valid driver's license, registration and valid financial responsibility.



   Added, Bill No. 970 (approved May 1, 1995), 1995 Ordinances, p. 531. Enrolled bill numbered this as Section 12-1126; renumbered by Code editor. Section 3 of the Ordinance provides that this Section takes effect 90 days after the effective date of any legislation amending the Vehicle Code to permit the City to seize vehicles. See Act of July 2, 1996, P.L. 535, No. 93, § 5, 75 Pa. C.S. § 6309.2, as amended.