§ 12-920.  Permits for Hotel Loading Zones. 113
   (1)   The Department may designate a hotel loading zone upon the special request of a hotel when it is determined by the Department that such hotel loading zone is necessary and justified by traffic conditions, provided that no such zone shall be designated for a hotel that maintains an off-street passenger vehicle loading and unloading facility.
   (2)   A hotel loading zone shall consist of 20 feet of curb space directly adjacent to the hotel, and shall be available only to hotel customers, vendors, and persons making deliveries to or receiving deliveries from the hotel. The parking limit in a hotel loading zone shall be 30 minutes.
   (3)   The annual permit fee for such hotel loading zone shall be five hundred dollars ($500).
   (4)   The Department shall post signs indicating the location of each hotel loading zone for which a permit has been granted. The fee for installing such signs shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250).
   (5)   The Department may terminate any hotel loading zone permit and remove the signs erected if payment of the annual fee shall be thirty days in arrears, or whenever public convenience or necessity warrants such action; provided that 15 days' notice of such intended action shall be given to the person to whom the permit has been issued.
   (6)   A hotel that has obtained a valet parking zone permit pursuant to Section 12-917 may, upon the designation of a hotel loading zone and payment of the hotel loading zone permit fee required by subsection (3) herein, elect to surrender its valet parking zone permit to the Department, in which case the hotel shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of any fees paid pursuant to subsection 12-917(3).



   Added, Bill No. 110827 (approved December 21, 2011).