§ 12-907.  Designation of Public Carrier Stands. 75
   (1)   The Department may designate bus stops, bus stands, taxicab stands, and stands for other passenger common-carrier motor vehicles when it determines such stands are necessary and justified by traffic conditions.
   (2)   When conditions are such that certain uses of a particular bus stop would create an undesirable impact upon the streets or footways, the Department may limit the use of the stop to certain hours of the day and/or to the use of particular carriers or specific routes or services of those carriers.
   (3)   The Department may not designate a bus stop at locations or under conditions that will result in the generation of a significant impact upon parking on streets that are more than fifty percent (50%) residential and must terminate or modify previously designated bus stops when they result in such impact for a period in excess of two weeks.
   (4)   Carriers that have been denied the use of bus stops under the provisions of subsection (3) of this Section may re-apply to the Department if they have made provision for off-street parking, without charge, for their passengers within one thousand (1,000) feet of the requested bus stop. The capacity of the parking facility must equal or exceed one (1) car space for each two (2) bus passengers.



   Amended, 1983 Ordinances, p. 29.