§ 12-807.  Parking.
   (1)   No person shall park a bicycle or other Small Vehicle, as defined in Section 9-209 of the Code ("Small Vehicle Sharing Businesses"), upon a street other than (a) against the curb, upon the sidewalk, or in an area on the street designated by the department for bicycle parking, in a rack to support the bicycle; or (b) against a building or at the curb, in such a manner as to afford the least obstruction to pedestrian traffic. 43
   (2)   Any person violating this Section shall be liable for payment of fines, costs and additional fees prescribed and assessed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 12-2800 of this Title. 44
   (3)   The owner of a Small Vehicle shall, in addition to the person who parked the vehicle in violation of this Section 12-807, be responsible for such fines or penalties imposed under this Section, except as may otherwise be provided in connection with regulations established under Section 9-209 of the Code. 45



   Amended, Bill No. 120532 (approved January 8, 2013); amended, Bill No. 180429 (approved July 10, 2018).
   Added, 1989 Ordinances, p. 72.
   Added, Bill No. 180429 (approved July 10, 2018).