§ 12-407.  Stop When Traffic Obstructed.
   (1)   No operator shall enter an intersection or crosswalk unless there is sufficient space beyond such intersection or crosswalk in the direction in which he is proceeding to accommodate his vehicle or street car without obstructing the passage of other vehicular traffic or pedestrians, notwithstanding any traffic-control signal indication to proceed.
   (2)   At all intersections designated by ordinance as "Don't Block The Box" intersections, the Department shall, at the discretion 19 of the Streets Commissioner, paint stripes on the cartway indicating the area of the intersection into which a vehicle should not enter unless there is sufficient space beyond such area to accommodate the vehicle without obstructing other vehicles or pedestrians. The Department shall also, at the discretion of the Streets Commissioner, erect "Don't Block The Box" signs at each such intersection, which signs shall set forth the penalty for violation of this Section. 20



   Enrolled bill read "Discretion".
   Added, Bill No. 020437 (approved February 26, 2003).