§ 12-202.  Duties of the Department.
   (1)   The Department shall:
      (a)   Conduct studies of and plan all phases of traffic movement on the streets of this City, and, in cooperation with the other departments, plan and develop ways, means, and facilities to improve traffic movement on and traffic terminals for said streets, including improvements in the streets.
      (b)   Initiate and recommend necessary legislation for the efficient operation of traffic and the prevention of traffic accidents.
      (c)   Maintain schedules relating to the parking of vehicles and direction of the movement of traffic on City streets, as provided by ordinances approved and regulations promulgated pursuant to this Title.
      (d)   Determine the acceptability of all electrically powered traffic-control signs and signals, controllers, circuits and other devices, apparatus, or facilities employed in connection with such signs and signals or affecting the operation thereof. 16



   Added, 1976 Ordinances, p. 879.