§ 11-804. Placement of PODS Units Upon the Street.
   (1)   Only one PODS unit shall be permitted by any single permit issued under this Chapter.
   (2)   No more than one (1) permit for a PODS unit shall be issued for any single property address within a twelve (12) month period.
   (3)   No PODS unit shall be parked or placed upon any street for more than five (5) consecutive days, and no extensions shall be granted.
   (4)   The Department may, in its discretion, refuse to issue a permit for a PODS unit where the placement of such unit would interfere with traffic flow.
   (5)   Every PODS unit parked or placed upon a street shall have legibly inscribed upon the unit, in letters not less than two (2) inches high, identification consisting of the commercially painted name or business logo, address and telephone number of the unit's owner.
   (6)   The Department is authorized to promulgate regulations necessary or appropriate to implement the provisions of this Chapter, which may provide for fees for the issuance of permits pursuant to this Chapter. 143



   Amended, Bill No. 080163 (approved June 4, 2008).