§ 11-707. Miscellaneous.
   (1)   Remedies.
      (a)   Penalties. Any Person in violation of any provision of this Chapter or Chapters 9-300 or 11-200 or Section 11-103, or any regulation adopted thereunder, shall be subject to a fine of not more than seven hundred dollars ($700); provided, the Commissioner may by regulation establish lower maximum fines for any particular such violation, based on the severity and number of violations committed by a Person. A separate and distinct violation shall be deemed committed each day on which a violation occurs or continues. In addition to an action to enforce any penalty imposed by this Chapter and any other remedy at law or in equity under this Title, the City may apply to a Court of Common Pleas for an injunction or other appropriate relief at law or in equity to enforce compliance with or restrain violation of any provision of this Chapter.
      (b)   Determination of Default. In the event a determination is made by the Commissioner that a Person is in violation of this Chapter or Chapters 9-300 or 11-200, a Right-of-Way Use Authorization, or a Right-of-Way Use Agreement, and the Commissioner determines that termination pursuant to subsection (c)(.2) is appropriate, such Person shall be provided written notice of the determination and the reasons therefor. Within the time provided in the notice, the Person in violation shall take and provide written evidence of corrective action, or submit to the Commissioner its reasons, with evidence, why the determination should be withdrawn. If it is finally determined after review of the Person's submissions that the Person is in violation, the Commissioner shall prescribe remedies as provided by this Section. The Person shall be given written notice of the final determination and the reasons therefor.
      (c)   Denial of Construction Permits; Termination of ROW Use Authorization.
         (.1)   The Commissioner may deny Construction Permits to any Person determined, pursuant to subsection (b), to be in violation of this Chapter or Chapters 9-300 or 11-200, a Right-of-Way Use Authorization, or a Right-of-Way Use Agreement.
         (.2)   The Commissioner may terminate a Right-of-Way Use Authorization, other than a Franchise, termination of which shall be governed by the Cable Acts and the Franchise Agreement, if the violation(s) found under subsection (b) include:
            (.a)   construction of Facilities in the ROW, except in the case of an Emergency Condition, without first obtaining a Construction Permit, and in the case of Emergency Condition, construction of Facilities without obtaining a permit within the time required by the Commissioner by regulation;
            (.b)   in the case of entities that are not regulated by the PUC or subject to the Cable Acts, an unauthorized Transfer of Interest in the Licensee's ROW Use Authorization or the Facilities or System authorized thereby;
            (.c)   willful misrepresentation by or on behalf of a Licensee in any application to the City;
            (.d)   failure to relocate or remove any Facilities as required in Chapter 11-200;
            (.e)   failure to pay taxes, compensation, fees or costs when and as due the City;
            (.f)   insolvency or bankruptcy of the Licensee, unless the Licensee continues to operate as a debtor in possession pursuant to Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code; or
            (.g)   uncured breach of a ROW Use Authorization that constitutes a danger to the public health, safety, and welfare.
         (.3)   Upon termination of a ROW Use Authorization, whether by action of the City or otherwise, the Licensee shall cease using the Facilities authorized thereby. The City may either take possession of the Facilities in the Right-of-Way, or require the Licensee or its surety to remove the Facilities and restore the Right-of-Way to a condition satisfactory to the Commissioner, or, if the Licensee fails to remove the Facilities as required by the City, the City may remove the Facilities and restore the Right-of-Way at the expense of the Licensee. The Licensee's foregoing obligation to remove Facilities shall survive the termination of the Licensee's ROW Use Authorization and ROW Use Agreement. In the case of the termination of a Franchise, the City's rights and remedies shall be as determined by the Franchise Agreement and the Cable Acts.
      (d)   If a Person in violation of this Chapter does not hold a ROW Use Authorization pursuant to this Chapter, the Person may be disqualified by the Commissioner from applying for or obtaining a ROW Use Authorization.
   (2)   Determinations by the Commissioner under this Chapter and Chapters 11-200 and 9-300 and Section 11-103 shall be appealable, within thirty days, to the Board of License and Inspection Review.
   (3)   No Substitute for Other Required Permissions. No ROW Use Authorization or Construction Permit includes, means, or is in whole or part a substitute for any other permit or authorization required by the laws and regulations of the City for the privilege of transacting and carrying on a business within the City; or any permit or agreement for occupying any other property of the City or private Persons to which access is not specifically permitted by the ROW Use Authorization; or any permit, license, or authorization required to place an End User Device in the Right-of-Way.
   (4)   No Waiver. The City's failure to require a Licensee to comply with any provision of this Chapter shall not constitute a waiver of the City's right to require that Licensee or any other Licensee comply with this Chapter or other applicable law at any time.
   (5)   Further Regulations. The Commissioner is authorized to establish regulations for the implementation of this Chapter, and Chapters 9-300 and 11-200.