§ 11-611. Temporary Street Closures. 131
   (1)   No roadway or sidewalk shall be blocked or closed for the purposes of loading or unloading, building maintenance or other related activities unless a permit has been obtained from the Department pursuant to standards adopted by the Department by regulation.
   (2)   The Department of Streets is authorized to charge fees for permits provided for in this Section, which fees shall be established by the Department by regulation.
   (3)   A permit shall be valid for a period not to exceed 90 days for a sidewalk closure and 180 days for a roadway lane closure.
   (4)   The Department of Streets is authorized to promulgate regulations requiring a permit applicant to submit reports, analyses or similar documentation to justify the need for sidewalk and roadway closures.



   Added, Bill No. 080164 (approved June 4, 2008). Section 2 of Bill No. 080164 provides: "The prohibitions of Section 11-611 of the Code added by this Ordinance shall be effective upon the adoption of regulations of the Streets Department referenced in that provision." The referenced regulations were adopted August 27, 2008.