§ 11-504. Roadway Paving at Private Request. 58
   (1)   When requested by the owner of property and deemed by the Department of Streets to be in the best interest of the City, the Department is authorized to enter into a contract for the paving or repaving of the street in front of the property of such owner, under the following conditions:
      (a)   all such work shall be done at the sole cost of the owner of the property;
      (b)   all such work shall be done under the direction and supervision and to the satisfaction of the Department of Streets;
      (c)   all contracts for such work shall be prepared by the Law Department and shall contain the usual requirements of contracts for City paving;
      (d)   all contracts for such work shall require that a bond satisfactory to the Law Department first be filed by the paving contractor, guaranteeing to keep the paving in good repair for 5 years after the work is completed and accepted by the City; and
      (e)   all provisions of this Chapter regarding prior completion of subsurface installations, including water pipes, sewers, underdrainage, and utilities, shall be complied with.



   Source: 1942 Ordinances, p. 237.