§ 11-306. Schedule of Charges. 32
   (1)   The Department of Streets shall promulgate regulations providing for a fee schedule of charges of surveyors and regulators. Such fees shall be based on the actual costs of the Department of Streets, based on the time and average per diem rate of employees working on or supervising the project and other costs associated with the project and may include separate fees for providing accelerated service.



   Amended, 1986 Ordinances, p. 141; amended, 1990 Ordinances, p. 744; amended, Bill No. 030419 (approved July 31, 2003). Section 2 of Bill No. 030419 provides: "This Ordinance shall be effective upon promulgation of regulations by the Department of Streets." The referenced regulations were adopted August 20, 2008. Amended, Bill No. 080163 (approved June 4, 2008).