§ 11-104. Curb Cuts. 4
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   City Street. A street on the City Plan, other than a State or Federal Highway.
      (b)   Curb Cut. An alteration to the curb that facilitates vehicular access across a sidewalk to connect the roadway to any public or private property.
      (c)   Transit Platform Area. Any area designated by the Department of Streets as a location for passengers to embark and disembark from a transit vehicle.
   (2)   Prohibited Curb Cuts.  5
      (a)   Vehicular Access. No person shall construct or establish, within sixty-five (65) feet of any residential property, a curb cut for the purpose of vehicular or delivery truck access from a City Street to any lot zoned CA-2 under Section 14-402, where such lot measures six hundred twenty-five thousand (625,000) square feet or more in area, unless:
         (.1)   such curb cut would provide the only vehicular access to and from an off-street parking area; or
         (.2)   such curb cut would provide access only to authorized emergency vehicles as defined in Section 12-102 or to other vehicles used in providing public services, including but not limited to, vehicles used in providing water, gas, electric or telephone service.
         (.3)   The distance from any residential property shall be determined by measuring from the point at which the center line of the driveway intersects with the property line of the Area Shopping Center District.
      (b)   Transit Platform Areas. No person shall construct or establish a curb cut within an area designated by the Streets Department by regulation as a Transit Platform Area.



   Added, Bill No. 070016-A (approved March 28, 2007); amended, Bill No. 200496 (approved November 10, 2020).
   Amended, Bill No. 120774-A (approved January 14, 2013).