§ 10-1803.  Penalties.
   (1)   The penalty for liability under this Chapter shall be a fine not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300). Any person authorized to enforce ordinances who becomes aware of a violation of Chapter 10-400, Chapter 10-500, 10-600 or 10-700 by a student in an Educational Housing District shall serve upon one or more responsible party a notice of violation of this Chapter. The amount that may be paid by the responsible party to admit the violation and waive appearance in municipal court shall be such amount as is otherwise provided by this Code for payment to avoid further penalty in connection with the violation at issue.
   (2)   If any student is determined to be in violation of any of those provisions three times during any one year period in connection with conduct at any single location, such location shall be considered a nuisance for which all remedies for nuisance properties under this Code or at common law shall apply, including the right of a private citizen to bring an equity action to prevent further conduct creating the nuisance at such property.
   (3)   The official who serves a notice of violation of any of the provisions of the Code referenced in Section 10-1802 on a student shall also provide any college or university attended by such student that has a substantial portion of its facilities located within an Educational Housing District a copy of the notice of violation, and shall provide the owner of the residence where the student resides notification of any such violation that occurs at such residence. A property owner who receives such notification shall also forward a copy of the notification to the university or college attended by the student. Within 10 days of receipt of a third notice of violation under this subsection, the owner shall provide the Department with a written plan of action for how the owner intends to bring about the end of the activity creating the nuisance at the property.