§ 10-1610.  Civil Penalties and Costs.
   (1)   The civil penalties prescribed for violations under this Chapter, and payable by a person to whom a ticket has been issued, are as set forth in subsection 10-1610(2). The total sum of costs and additional fees payable by a person who fails to answer a ticket within eight (8) days after the date the ticket was issued, or by a person who, after a hearing pursuant to Section 10-1608, has an order entered against him sustaining the charges, is twenty-three dollars ($23). In the event that payment is not made within thirty (30) days after entry of a final order determining liability for a violation or in the event that a person fails to appear at a hearing when required to do so, an additional fee of four dollars ($4.00) shall be added to the amount due.
   (2)   Any person violating the following provisions of this Chapter shall, upon a final finding of liability pursuant to this Chapter, be liable for payment of the civil penalty not to exceed the penalty indicated below, in addition to the costs and fees set forth in subsection 10-1610(1):
Code Provision   Violation Description   Penalty
10-1603(1)   Disorderly Conduct   $300
10-1603(2)   Failure to Disperse   $300
10-1603(3)   Public Drunkenness   $300
   (3)   The "Violation Descriptions" used in subsection 10-1610(2) are intended solely to facilitate reading and reference to provisions of this Chapter and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of any Section of this Chapter.