§ 10-1606.  Issuance and Service of Violation Tickets.
   (1)   Any police officer or other duly authorized employee of the City or any agency thereof who observes a violation of this Chapter shall serve a ticket upon the violator as provided in this Section.
   (2)   The ticket shall be in the form established by the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication and approved by the Director of Finance, and shall contain information advising the person to whom it is issued of the manner in which and the time within which an answer to the violation alleged is required. The ticket shall also advise that additional fees and costs may result from a failure to answer, that the failure to answer or appear shall be considered an admission of liability, and that other civil action may result from a failure to pay the amount due.
   (3)   A person to whom a ticket has been served shall answer within eight (8) days after the date the ticket was served. Failure to answer within the prescribed period shall result in the imposition of additional fees as set forth in Section 10-1610.
   (4)   The original ticket shall be signed by the issuing officer who shall affirm the truth of the facts set forth therein. The original ticket or any true copy thereof (or any facsimile of the original ticket transferred onto microfilm, computer tape, or other form of data storage) shall be considered a record kept in the ordinary course of business of the City and shall be prima facie evidence of the facts contained therein.
   (5)   The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication shall cause tickets to be prepared and distributed to the Police Department and other issuing agencies.