§ 10-1401.  Definitions.
   In this Chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
   (1)   Department shall mean the Department of Public Property.
   (2)   Tailgating and related activities shall mean any of the following activities when undertaken in an outdoor public parking lot:
      (a)   The use of any parking space, parking aisle, or fire lane other than for lawful parking or pedestrian purposes, or the use of more than one parking space without payment;
      (b)   Barbecuing or other cooking of food;
      (c)   Consumption of alcoholic beverages;
      (d)   Dancing;
      (e)   Ball playing;
      (f)   Any other activity that would unduly interfere with the passage of other persons, or would constitute a hazard to life, traffic or property, or would constitute an obstruction to adequate access to fire, police or sanitation vehicles, or that would otherwise create or become a nuisance.
   (3)   Stadium parking lots shall mean the outdoor City-owned public parking lots at the Philadelphia Sports Complex, Broad street and Pattison avenue, bounded by Packer avenue to the north, Zinkoff avenue to the south, Tenth street to the east, between Pattison and Packer, and Eleventh street to the east between Pattison and Zinkoff and Broad street to the west between Zinkoff and Packer. 325



   Amended, 1987 Ordinances, p. 1193.