§ 10-903.  Registration.
   (1)   Every person as herein defined who is a resident of the City shall within five days of the effective date of this Chapter, and any other person as herein defined who comes into the City and who remains for more than 48 hours shall within 72 hours after his arrival register with, and furnish to the Department a statement signed by such person giving the following information:
      (a)   His true name and all aliases which he has used or under which he may have been known;
      (b)   Complete description of his person;
      (c)   Each crime of which he has been convicted;
      (d)   The place where such crimes were committed and the place of each conviction;
      (e)   The name under which he was convicted in each instance and the date thereof;
      (f)   The name and the location of each prison, reformatory, jail or other penal institution in which he was confined or to which he was sentenced;
      (g)   The addresses of all of his residences, stopping places, living quarters or places of abode in the City, and whether each is a private residence, hotel, apartment house, or other building or structure;
      (h)   The length of time he has occupied each such place of residence, stopping place or place of abode, and the length of time he intends to remain in the City;
      (i)   Such other information as the Department shall deem necessary or desirable to carry out the purpose of this Chapter.
   (2)   False Information. It shall be unlawful for any person to furnish any false, untrue, or misleading information required under this Chapter.
   (3)   Any person required to register under this Chapter shall, for a period of five years from the date of his last becoming subject to the provisions of this Chapter, be required to notify the Department within 24 hours after he moves to a new place of residence within the City.