§ 10-815.  Hunting. 260
   (1)   No person shall go upon land owned or controlled by the City or any public authority with a rifle, gun, pistol, or other firearm or with bows and arrows for the purpose of hunting wildlife.
   (2)   No person while hunting wildlife shall discharge any rifle, gun, pistol or other firearm or arrow into land owned or controlled by the City or any public authority.
   (3)   The Departments of Streets and Public Property, and the Fairmount Park Commission are hereby authorized to post signs at appropriate locations stating that hunting is prohibited, and specifying the penalties for violating that prohibition. Such signs shall be prominently placed at sufficient sites where illegal hunting is likely to be conducted so as to provide maximum public awareness of the contents thereof. 261
   (4)   The penalty for any violation of this Section shall be a fine of three hundred dollars ($300), together with the cost of prosecution and imprisonment not exceeding ninety (90) days if fine and costs are not paid within ten (10) days. 262



   Added, 1967 Ordinances, p. 52.
   Added, 1988 Ordinances, p. 295.
   Amended and renumbered, 1988 Ordinances, p. 295.