§ 10-814.  Acquisition or Transfer of Firearms. 251
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Firearm. Any rifle, pistol, revolver, gun or shotgun.
      (b)   Department. Department of Licenses and Inspections.
   (2)   Prohibited Conduct. No person shall acquire or transfer any firearm in the City, and no person shall acquire a firearm outside of the City, which is brought into the City, unless application has been made to, and license obtained from, the Department.
   (3)   Application. The applicant for a license shall pay a fee of two dollars ($2.00), for each transaction of acquisition or transfer regardless of the number of firearms transferred or acquired at that time, and supply the following information on forms provided by the Department: 252
      (a)   the name, and any other names by which applicant has been known;
      (b)   the home address, and any other addresses at which applicant resided within five (5) years immediately prior to application;
      (c)   the present business or occupation, and any business or occupation, in which applicant has engaged for five (5) years immediately prior to the application;
      (d)   the date and place of birth of applicant;
      (e)   the caliber, length of barrel, make, model and, if known, manufacturer's number of the firearm;
      (f)   a statement by applicant indicating the date, place, nature and disposition of any criminal proceedings brought against the applicant for any offense other than traffic violations;
      (g)   name, address and occupation, of the person from whom the firearm is to be acquired or transferred; and
      (h)   a copy of applicant's fingerprints and his photograph.
   (4)   License.
      (a)   No license shall be issued unless the Police Department, after due investigation, approves the application. The Police Department shall not approve the application if it finds that applicant is either:
         (.1)   under eighteen (18) years of age;
         (.2)   a person convicted of either a crime of violence, any violation of the Uniform Firearms Act or carrying a concealed deadly weapon;
         (.3)   a person convicted of selling, using or possessing narcotics; or
         (.4)   an habitual drunkard.
      (b)   A license shall be issued or refused within thirty (30) days after the filing of an application.
      (c)   The license shall bear applicant's name, age, place of residence, and a full description of the firearm; and shall also have affixed thereto applicant's photograph, signature, and a copy of his fingerprints.
      (d)   All persons licensed hereunder carrying a firearm on or about their persons shall carry the license for that firearm on their person as provided herein with the exception of:
         (.1)   Employees of common carriers, banks or business firms whose duties require them both to protect moneys, valuables or other property in the discharge of such duties, and to carry firearms owned and supplied by their employers, but such employees shall carry a copy of said license; and
         (.2)   persons less than eighteen (18) years of age accompanied by the parent or guardian licensed to acquire or transfer that firearm.
      (e)   The Department shall revoke the license of any person who, subsequent to obtaining a license, has either:
         (.1)   been convicted of a crime of violence, a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act or carrying a concealed deadly weapon;
         (.2)   been convicted of selling, using or possessing narcotics; or
         (.3)   become an habitual drunkard.
   (5)   Duty of Transferor or Vendor.
      (a)   No transferor or vendor shall give, transfer, sell or deliver possession of any firearm to any person unless the transferee or vendee supplies to the transferor or vendor the required license for the scrutiny of the vendor or transferor.
      (b)   If no manufacturer's number of the firearm appears on the license, the transferor or vendor shall insert said number in the designated space, and shall forthwith notify the Police Department of the sale or transfer of the particular firearm and advise the Police Department of the manufacturer's number of said firearm which was inserted on the license.
   (6)   Exclusions. No license shall be required under this Section:
      (a)   by any governmental agency which owns or acquires firearms; or
      (b)   for transfer of firearms between a manufacturer and a duly licensed dealer, or between one licensed dealer and another dealer, in their usual course of business; or
      (c)   for licensed pawnbrokers, accepting a firearm as security or pledge for a loan, until the pawnbroker makes a sale or transfer of the firearm pledged to a person other than the owner, at which time a license shall be obtained for the sale or transfer, as provided herein.
   (7)   Penalty. The penalty for violation of this Section shall be a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300), or imprisonment of not more than ninety (90) days, or both.



   Added, 1965 Ordinances, p. 237. Bill No. 140904 (approved February 18, 2015) provides that this Section shall not be effective until the enactment of authorizing legislation by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
   Amended, 1973 Ordinances, p. 902.