§ 10-710.2.  Litter Enforcement Corridors. 182
   (1)   Pursuant to the authority granted by Section 6105.2 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, 75 Pa. C.S. § 6105.2, the following blocks shall be designated as Litter Enforcement Corridors, including both sides of the designated blocks:
      (a)   2900 Block of E. Tioga Street.
      (b)   2900 Block of Ontario Street.
      (c)   2900 Block of Kingston Street.
      (d)   2900 Block of Venango Street.
      (e)   3500 Block of Bath Street.
      (f)   5300 and 5400 Blocks of Eadom Street.
      (g)   3500 Block of E. Allen Street.
      (h)   2800, 2900, and 3000 Blocks of E. Hedley Street.
      (i)   4600 Block of Pearce Street.
      (j)   2400 and 2500 Blocks of Orthodox Street.
      (k)   5200 Block of Devereaux Street.
      (l)   5200 Block of Robbins Street.
      (m)   Ogontz Avenue from Stenton Avenue to Cheltenham Avenue.
      (n)   Old York Road from Ruscomb Avenue to Tabor Avenue.
      (o)   Broad Street from Ruscomb Avenue to 66th Avenue.
      (p)   N. 5th Street from Somerville Avenue to Spencer Street.
      (q)   Mansfield Avenue from Washington Lane to Stenton Avenue.
      (r)   E. Tulpehocken Street from Stenton Avenue to Mansfield Avenue.
      (s)   Rodney Street from Walnut Lane to Wynsam Street.
      (t)   Olney Avenue from N. Fairhill Street to N. Lawrence Street.
      (u)   Tabor Avenue from N. Fairhill Street to N. Lawrence Street.
      (v)   Chew Avenue from N. Fairhill Street to N. Lawrence Street.
      (w)   Somerville Avenue from N. Fairhill Street to N. Lawrence Street.
      (x)   Devereaux Avenue from Algon Avenue to Summerdale Avenue.
      (y)   100 Block of E. Champlost Street.
      (z)   Haines Street from 19th Street to 15th Street.
      (aa)   Woolston Avenue between E. Pastorius Street and E. Walnut Lane.
      (bb)   Tulpehocken Street between Mansfield Avenue and Stenton Avenue.
      (cc)   900 Block of Spencer Street.
      (dd)   1300 Block of Wagner Avenue.
      (ee)   100 Block of W. Ashdale Street.
      (ff)   5900 Block of Hammond Street.
      (gg)   Broad Street, from Washington Avenue to Oregon Avenue.
      (hh)   Area bounded by 24th Street, Washington Avenue, Grays Ferry Avenue, 26th Street, and Passyunk Avenue.
      (ii)   Grays Ferry Avenue, from 34th Street to Washington Avenue.
      (jj)   Washington Avenue, from Broad Street to Grays Ferry Avenue.
      (kk)   Point Breeze Avenue, from Federal Street to S. 24th Street.
      (ll)   Oregon Avenue, from Delaware Avenue to its terminus at Interstate 76.
      (mm)   Grays Avenue, from Lindbergh Boulevard to 58th Street.
      (nn)   Lindbergh Boulevard, from 65th Street to S. 84th Street.
      (oo)   S. 61st Street, from Passyunk Avenue to Woodland Avenue.
      (pp)   S. 63rd Street, from Lindbergh Boulevard to Woodland Avenue.
      (qq)   Chester Avenue, from Cobbs Creek Parkway to Cemetery Avenue.
      (rr)   South 70th Street, from Cobbs Creek Parkway to Lindbergh Boulevard.
      (ss)   Woodland Avenue, from 58th Street to Cobbs Creek Parkway.
      (tt)   Area bounded by Springfield Avenue, 58th Street, Woodland Avenue, Cemetery Avenue, S. 61st Street, and Mt. Moriah Cemetery.
      (uu)   Merion Avenue from Belmont Avenue to 52nd Street.
      (vv)   Bryn Mawr Avenue from Parkside Avenue to Wynnefield Avenue.
      (ww)   Port Royal Avenue from Nixon Street to Old Line Road.
      (xx)   Jefferson Street from 50th Street to its terminus.
      (yy)   49th street from Jefferson Street to Parkside Avenue.
      (zz)   3700 block of N. Germantown Avenue.
      (aaa)   3600 block of N. Germantown Avenue.
      (bbb)   3500 block of N. Germantown Avenue.
      (ccc)   3400 Block of N. Germantown Avenue.
      (ddd)   22nd Street from Diamond Street to N. College Avenue.
      (eee)   2nd Street from Callowhill Street to Dock Street.
      (fff)   33rd Street from Montgomery Avenue to Girard Avenue.
      (ggg)   52nd from Avenue Of The Republic to Girard Avenue.
      (hhh)   54th Street from City Avenue to Wynnefield Avenue.
      (iii)   63rd Street from Haverford Avenue to Chestnut Street.
      (jjj)   7th Street to Oregon Avenue to Washington Avenue.
      (kkk)   9th Street from Catharine Street to Wharton Street.
      (lll)   Adams Avenue from Tabor Road to Roosevelt Boulevard.
      (mmm)   Broad Street from Pattison Avenue to Delaware Expy.
      (nnn)   Bustleton Avenue from Solly Avenue to Lansing Street.
      (ooo)   Cecil B Moore Avenue from 24th Street to 10th Street.
      (ppp)   Diamond Street from 23rd Street to 20th Street.
      (qqq)   Lehigh Avenue from 29th Street to Sedgley Avenue.
      (rrr)   Moyamensing Avenue from 18th Street to 12th Street.
      (sss)   Ridge Avenue from Lehigh Avenue to Fairmount Avenue.
      (ttt)   Roberts Avenue from Henry Avenue to Wayne Avenue.
      (uuu)   Sedgley Avenue from Ridge Avenue to 17th Street.
      (vvv)   Spring Garden Street from Broad Street to Delaware Expy.
      (www)   Tabor Road from Mayfair Street to Levick Street.
      (xxx)   1800 Block to 2900 Block of E. Allegheny Avenue.
      (yyy)   2200 Block to 3900 Block of Aramingo Avenue.
      (zzz)   1900 Block to 2900 Black of Castor Avenue.
      (aaaa)   500 Block to 1700 Block of Delaware Avenue.
      (bbbb)   2400 Block to 3900 Block of Kensington Avenue.
      (cccc)   1800 Block to 2700 Block of E. Lehigh Avenue.
      (dddd)   1900 Block to 3800 Block of Richmond Street.
      (eeee)   Snyder Avenue from Delaware Avenue to Broad Street.
      (ffff)   Washington Avenue from Delaware Avenue to Broad Street.
   (2)   The Streets Department shall erect appropriate signage to give notice of the increased penalties for certain littering violations applicable on these designated blocks.



   Added, Bill No. 180946 (approved December 11, 2018). Section 2 of Bill No. 180946 provides: "This Ordinance shall take effect on the later of the date of enactment or December 28, 2018."