§ 10-710.1.  Reward Program for the Provision of Information Regarding Short Dumping. 180
   (1)   Before or during each fiscal year, the Managing Director may announce the availability of funds during such fiscal year to pay rewards to individuals who provide information that leads to a judicial determination that one or more individuals have violated the prohibition on short dumping set forth in subsection 10-710(2) of this Code, such as license plate information and make or model descriptions of any vehicle used in connection with such a violation.
   (2)   The amount of each particular award shall be in the discretion of the Managing Director or his or her designee, but in no event shall the total amount awarded in connection with any violation be less than five hundred dollars ($500).
   (3)   The Managing Director shall base his or her determination of the amount of any particular award on the following factors:
      (a)   the extent and significance of the violation of subsection 10-710(2), based on the quantity and type of materials dumped;
      (b)   the specificity and accuracy of the information provided;
      (c)   whether the information provided was unique or was information provided by other individuals; 181
      (d)   whether the individual provided a sworn statement or sworn testimony in connection with the investigation or any legal proceedings related to the determination of liability.
   (4)   No City employee with enforcement responsibility pursuant to Chapter 10-700 of the Code, nor any governmental employee who obtains information regarding short dumping during the course of his or her employment, shall be eligible to obtain any such award.
   (5)   The Managing Director may establish such administrative regulations as he or she deems necessary to implement the intent of this Section.



   Added, Bill No. 070683 (approved November 29, 2007).
   Amended, Bill No. 161105 (approved October 25, 2017).