§ 10-710.  Dumping of Debris and Short Dumping. 179
   (1)   No person shall deposit, dump or cause to be placed any municipal waste, recyclable materials, or debris on any location without the prior written consent of the owner of such location. A violation of this subsection that is also a violation of subsection (2) may be prosecuted as a violation of subsection (2).
   (2)   No owner or operator, or an agent of either, of a trash, garbage or debris collection vehicle, including private automobiles and small trucks, or any other type of vehicles used to collect or transport trash, garbage or debris, shall knowingly deposit or cause to be deposited the vehicle's load or any part thereof on any road, street, highway, alley or railroad right-of-way, or on the land of another or into the waters of the City without both the permission of the owner and all necessary licenses and permits.



   Added, 1974 Ordinances, p. 849; amended, 1981 Ordinances, p. 367; amended, Bill No. 041070 (approved May 4, 2005); amended, Bill No. 180729-A (approved November 6, 2019), effective January 5, 2020.