§ 10-401.  Legislative Findings.
   (1)   The City Council of the City of Philadelphia finds:
      (a)   that noise and excessive vibration degrade the environment of the City to a degree which:
         (.1)   is harmful and detrimental to the health, welfare and safety of its inhabitants;
         (.2)   interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life, property and recreation and with the conduct and operation of business and industry; and
         (.3)   causes nuisances;
         (.4)   during the course of various public events important within the cultural and civic framework of the City's annual activities, such as the Mummers Parade, tends to cause discomfort, disruption and annoyance both to the event participants and its observers; 80
      (b)   that no one has any right to create noise or excessive vibration;
      (c)   that effective control and elimination of noise and excessive vibration is essential to the furtherance of the health and welfare of the City's inhabitants and to the conduct of the normal pursuits of life, recreation, commerce and industrial activity.
   (2)   It is the intent and purpose of this Chapter:
      (a)   to prevent noise and excessive vibration and to limit, control and eliminate noise and excessive vibration in general from whatever source;
      (b)   to empower the Board of Health to promulgate regulations to effect the above.
   (3)   It is the further intent of City Council that:
      (a)   all City of Philadelphia agencies, including the Police Department, shall cooperate in the implementation of this Chapter; 81
      (b)   whenever permitted by law, the provisions of this Chapter shall apply to all governmental jurisdictions and their agencies in the operation of facilities located within the City of Philadelphia;
      (c)   the Department of Public Health of the City of Philadelphia shall cooperate with other governmental jurisdictions in the control and elimination of noise and excessive vibration; and
      (d)   contractors and vendors providing services and products to the City shall comply with the requirements of this Title.



   Added, 1989 Ordinances, p. 2181.
   Amended, 1989 Ordinances, p. 2181.