§ 10-307.  Parental Responsibility for Minor Children. 75
   (1)   The parent, legal guardian or other legally responsible adult of any child under the age of eighteen (18) years who violates any provision of Chapter 10-500 relating to "Property – Damaging, Defacing and Interfering With", Chapter 10-600 relating to "Public Places – Prohibited Conduct", or Chapter 10-700 relating to "Refuse and Littering" shall be in violation of this Section.
   (2)   The penalty for a violation of this Section shall be a fine not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300). Any person authorized to enforce ordinances who becomes aware of a violation by a minor of any provision of Chapter 10-500, 10-600 or 10-700 shall attempt to determine the whereabouts of the minor's parent, legal guardian or other legally responsible adult and shall serve upon such adult, by mail or in person, a notice of violation of this Section, pursuant to the provisions of Section 10-718 of this Code. The recipient of such notice of violation may, within ten (10) days of receipt of such notice, pay twenty-five dollars ($25), admit the violation and waive a hearing, all pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 10-718.



   Provision terminating prior Section repealed by 1956 Ordinances, p. 985, thereby making Chapter permanent. New provisions added, Bill No. 31 (approved February 7, 1997); amended, Bill No. 110633 (approved November 14, 2011). Pursuant to Section 2 of Bill No. 110633, the amendments from Bill No. 110633 lapsed on December 15, 2013 and are no longer included in the Code.