§ 10-112.  Keeping Farm Animals. 41
   (1)   No person shall keep a farm animal anywhere except:
      (a)   at a licensed slaughterhouse or commercial retailer of live animals sold to be killed for use as food;
      (b)   if the animal was purchased to be killed for food and is kept for no more than 24 hours;
      (c)   at a zoological park;
      (d)   at a veterinary hospital or clinic;
      (e)   at an animal shelter;
      (f)   at a circus or other licensed entertainment venue;
      (g)   at a facility used for educational or scientific purposes, such as schools and laboratories; or
      (h)   on a parcel of real property of 3 or more acres, provided this subsection (h) shall not apply with respect to pigs.



   Renumbered, 1986 Ordinances, p. 840; amended, Bill No. 040566 (approved July 1, 2004).