§ 10-109.  Sterilization of Dogs and Cats; Records. 38
   (1)   Sterilization of Adopted Dogs and Cats. No animal shelter shall release a dog or cat to a person for adoption unless the animal has been sterilized by a licensed veterinarian; provided, however, that such requirement shall not apply under the following circumstances:
      (a)   A licensed veterinarian certifies that he or she has examined the dog or cat and found that, because of a medical reason, the life or well-being of such dog or cat would be endangered by sterilization.
      (b)   The dog or cat is released into foster care. For purposes of this exception, the term "foster care" means the care provided by a private person who commits to maintain the animal in such person's home, on a temporary basis, while a permanent adoptive owner of the animal is sought.
      (c)   Reclamation of Adopted Animals. Notwithstanding the provision for penalties upon violations of this Section, any dog or cat not sterilized in accordance with subsection 10-109(1)(b) may be reclaimed by the animal shelter without refund of any fee or deposit.
   (2)   Sale of Unsterilized Animals Prohibited. No animal retailer shall sell a dog or cat on a retail basis unless the animal is of an appropriate age for sterilization and the animal has been sterilized by a licensed veterinarian. In addition to a fine for any unsterilized cat or dog sold in violation of this subsection, the Animal Control Agency may order an animal retailer to cease operations for up to one year from the date of a violation.
   (3)   Exception to Sterilization Requirements. Subsections (1) and (2) shall not apply with respect to the following:
      (a)   Dogs obtained by a governmental entity for purposes of law enforcement or public safety.
      (b)   Dogs obtained as guide dogs for the blind, or as service dogs for persons with handicaps.
      (c)   Dogs or cats of a recognized breed, obtained for purposes of participation in a recognized competition. The Animal Control Agency shall promulgate regulations specifying the requirements for establishing that a dog or cat is of a recognized breed and has been obtained for purposes of a recognized competition.
   (4)   Animal Records.
      (a)   Every animal retailer shall maintain records of dog and cat sales, the identity of all breeders supplying dogs and cats to the animal retailer, sterilization procedures performed at the request of the animal retailer, records of any vaccinations or veterinary care provided to the animal, and veterinarian letters and certificates received, and shall retain such records, letters and certificates for a period of two years. Such records, letters and certificates shall be made available to the Animal Control Agency in such format as the Animal Control Agency may by regulation direct.
      (b)   Every animal retailer shall provide the following to a purchaser of a dog or cat at the time of sale: the breeder's name, address and state license number; a current, valid rabies certificate; and records of any other vaccinations or veterinary care provided to the animal and certificate of sterilization. If the breeder is not known, the name and address of the dealer from whom the dog or cat was obtained shall be provided.
      (c)   With respect to dogs, the provisions of this subsection (4) shall be in addition to the requirements of the Dog Purchaser Protection Act, Act of June 25, 1997, P.L. 287, No. 27, § 1 (73 P.S. § 201-9.3).



   Added, 1986 Ordinances, p. 840; caption and Section amended, Bill No. 110210-A (approved May 25, 2011).