§ 10-107.  Maintenance and Operation of Commercial Stables for Horses. 28
   (1)   Commercial Stable License.
      (a)   No person shall own, operate, maintain, or permit the maintenance of a commercial stable on property which he owns, leases, or otherwise controls within the City of Philadelphia, unless a license shall have been obtained from the Animal Control Agency, as hereinafter provided. 29
      (b)   Applications for such license shall be made to the Department of Licenses and Inspections. Every applicant shall supply such information as the Department of Licenses and Inspections requires and except for the Philadelphia Police Mounted Unit shall pay an application fee of one hundred dollars ($100) plus an annual fee, refundable if the application is refused, of one dollar ($1.00) for each stall or unit within which a single horse shall be accommodated.
      (c)   Licenses so issued shall be posted at the location where the horses are kept, in an open, conspicuous and reasonably accessible manner, at or near the entrance.
      (d)   Licenses under this article shall expire on the first day of July of each year. Applications for renewal shall be made to Department of Licenses and Inspections and shall contain such information required by the Department of Licenses and Inspections to enable it to determine if the applicant is qualified to continue to hold a license. It shall be accompanied by a renewal fee, based upon the number of horses accommodated, as set forth in (b) above.
      (e)   All such licenses shall be conditioned upon continued compliance by the licensee with the applicable provisions of this Section.
   (2)   Requirements of a Commercial Stable.
      (a)   No commercial stable shall be granted a license unless it shall employ a full-time operator/manager and shall possess equipment, materials and facilities sufficient for the proper care, feeding, bedding, and custody of horses in accordance with regulations promulgated pursuant to this Section.
      (b)   No stable shall operate or be granted a license to operate unless it shall maintain facilities and services which shall:
         (.1)   Provide adequate quarters. Stables and stalls shall be clean and dry and sufficient bedding of straw, shavings or other suitable material shall be furnished and changed as often as necessary to maintain them in a clean and dry condition. Adequate heating and ventilation shall be maintained in stables as provided by the Department of Public Health;
         (.2)   Provide that in the case of horses maintained at grass, there will be maintained for them at all times adequate grass;
         (.3)   Provide that horses will be maintained in a good state of health and that, in the case of a horse kept for hire, for instructional riding, or for any other purpose, the horse will be suitable for the purpose for which it is kept and capable of so performing;
         (.4)   Not knowingly permit a rider, customer or any other person to mistreat or injure any horse nor knowingly permit a rider, customer, or any other person convicted of cruelty to animals to have access to any horse;
         (.5)   Provide for and have available stable equipment and saddlery necessary to perform the services offered by the stable;
         (.6)   Provide for the removal of manure every twenty-four (24) hours from each stall;
         (.7)   Conform with all zoning and building regulations set forth in The Philadelphia Code governing construction and occupancy;
         (.8)   Comply with such specific regulations as shall be promulgated by the Animal Control Agency, the Fire Department, or the Department of Licenses and Inspections to carry out the provisions of this Section. 30



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