§ 10-106.1.  Raccoons. 27
   (1)   Any person who observes a raccoon anywhere on property under that person's control, engaged in any nuisance activity as defined herein may report such raccoon and its location to the Animal Control Agency.
   (2)   Raccoons reported pursuant to subsection (1) shall be abated pursuant to regulations promulgated by the Animal Control Agency. Any such regulations shall contain provisions for the immediate employment of abatement procedures that are proven, effective, lawful, and, to the extent practicable, non-lethal.
   (3)   Nuisance Activity for purposes of this Section shall mean any of the following:
      (a)   A raccoon destroying or damaging personal property.
      (b)   A raccoon disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of the property by anyone inhabiting or visiting the property.
      (c)   A raccoon that is obviously sick or diseased and poses a threat to human, farm animal, or pet safety.



   Added, Bill No. 110346 (approved August 9, 2011); amended, Bill No. 110565 (approved November 14, 2011).